Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Eyebrow transformation!


Been busy about works lately and today, this post finally turns up! It took me quite some time to complete this post because THIS THING takes time.

Okay so, BROW.

Brow for me is the crucial point out of all my facial feature, simply because on the whole how my face look depends on my brows. *If that make sense*

Despite of the fact that I've been drawn my eyebrows for over 7 years now, sometime it is still difficult for me to catch the skill and draw a perfect pair of brows, that's when I had to spend almost forever drawing my brows everyday, only brows! Oh god.

Some time ago everything came to a point where I really wanted to "do" something to my brows, but I’m too scared that I may not end up liking them as the fact of the result may be a successful one or be screwed! I held back on the thought to do anything on my brows until lately, I finally deal with it and get my brows embroidered!


Let me show you how was my original brows looked like before anything:
(I was born with natural brow hair but they just tend to be sparse and out of shape.)

.....I hope my eyes don't freak you out hahahaha!


Also a few pictures of the evolution of my brows throughout these years (2013-16):





( *Recent pict* I've been using my dried mascara as brow gel lately lol! )

Bet you could probably tell the evolutions of my brows lol. I wasn't lying about the skill, I changed my brows shape/style/look/whatever every each years, lol...


Anyway, long story short, 
Here goes to the process of me doing my eyebrow embroidery:

Prior to the embroidery, I had half an hour consultation with the embroidery artist (Evon) before everything started. First thing I told her was that I don't want (x100) the dreamy effect which a lot of girls had done out there, because I didn't want myself look like I've never learnt to remove my make up. lol. Instead, I would love just plain natural brows kind of look, and to make it simple for her to catch the image, I said I want the "hairy effect". LOL!

In a clearer point, Evon told me what I wanted to do actually called 6D eyebrow embroidery. Omg I thought 4D eyebrow embroidery just came out not long ago? Totally have no idea that it was already up to 6D now, hmm. To be a little more specific on it, she even showed me some of her masterpieces, and indeed they were what I was looking for. 

I was so dumb, "hairy effect", wut?

😂  😂  😂  😂  😂  😂

We spent another half an hour deciding which brow fit the best on my face. After picking the brows shape I am happy with, then numbing cream time!

Evon was so nice for actually letting me to take videos/photos while she's doing the stroke things on my brows, however I cringe so much on doing so, ahh! Everything in fact was fine throughout the entire session, but I tend to overthink the procedure and also the sound of the bladder drawing strokes on my brows guys, it was so irritating that I just had no extra time to think about what pictures and stuffs.

Btw, if you're wondering about the painfulness, I would rate it as 1.5/10. It's actually depends on how the numbing cream takes effect on your skin, personally, I think mine took a really good effect. :P

Oh I also got a tube of smoothing gel from Evon after she's done with my brows. She advices to apply it 5 times a day or so, as it could help to heal skin fast and to avoid any ugly scars left on the brows skin later.


Immediate result after the embroidery:

First day was long, and truth to be told, the end result came out with nothing that I expected, it was very much thicker and darker than I thought it would be.

Check it out,

And yes, I went out like this to dine with my bf. 

Now in any cases you're wondering if that's alright to go out immediately after the embroidery, basically, it is alright. But personally it wasn't a great idea to do so. I felt damn uncomfortable during the entire dining session, I can't help but keep looking around if there's people staring at my new brows lol! Well just purely how I felt tho. 


Fifth day: 

The brows skin was still pretty red on the fifth day, but the dead skin started to peel off by itself. 

*Important note* Do not peel it with your finger force because you may as well peel off the pigments by accidents and making it looks disastrous, with bald spots lol. 


Two weeks or so:

Finally, these were how my brows look like after the dried skin fully peeled off! No idea if it'll get thinner or lighter in colour anytime further, but it looked so much better compared to the past few weeks. *happy!*

Btw, not sure if you saw it, but I literally found the pigments of the strokes on my right brows tend to fade out more than the left one as I am writing this entry. LOL! Luckily this is not the final result yet, I still have one touch-up session left with Evon coming in December/January. So, we'll see again how it goes next round. Phew.


Well, there're some facts of eyebrow embroidery I would like to share about before I end this post.

1. If you're about to participate in some important events in the near future and still wanted to look pretty with the eyebrow embroidery effects, do it at least two weeks in advance. Personally, a month or two would be better.

2. Smoothing gel is the key of fast healing!

3. Do not wet your brows after the embroidery at least 5-7days, or you'll wash off the pigments. 

4. I am no expert on this but speaking with my experience, instant perfect result (like what we saw on facebook / instagram / any ads from Internet) are mostly bs! 

5. Last but not least, eyebrow embroidery indeed saved me a lot of time on doing my daily make up, so does my bf's time. *giggle* 

p/s - I am not going to reveal where I did my brows embroidery. However If you would really like to know where I did my brows, email me. :) I'm more than happy to tell you. 


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