Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Better me. Better Life.


So it has been quite a long while, how y'all doing my friends?

A lot of people have been wondering how am I doing ever since I got to KL. Honestly, I still can't determined for everything I've been done these years, I just seems to be standing on the same spot still. Looking back, I found myself had been trying almost everyday doing the repetitive same thing over the years, or just do anything that has no purpose at all to fill in the time, which is sad because if I were to be honest, I'm getting sick of living like that and that was the reason why I didn't show myself often on the internet.


I'm writing today because I realized how much I'm turning myself into an potential introvert, who keeps drowning out herself by the constant grind of work and come home to sleep everyday. Boring but true. So without a doubt, I've decided to rebuild my blog and start making my life a little awesome again.  

Keep my fingers crossed that I'll keep myself updating at least once a week or two? We'll see, hope everything works out well!